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ABOUT US - Clarke & Scott
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Clarke & Scott is a Dubai based Real Estate brokerage, based on a British Estate agency model. Our brand is established on global knowledge, local influence and common British Courtesy.

At Clarke & Scott we believe in focus and concentration. Specialization is our strength. We operate in all major residential and commercial key areas within Dubai. In specialized teams, we research the market and identify the demand, focusing on our customer needs while adhering to strict global standards.

Our highly respected and well-trained team of agents are handpicked to represent our brand and serve our clients. With extensive regional and international experience, our property experts offer personalized, professional and highly comprehensive advice for all our clients making Clarke & Scott Real Estate your number one choice for all your property needs.


Wezley Clarke

Don’t be afraid to sacrifice who you are,  for what you will become.

Wezley Clarke came to Dubai to build a bigger and brighter future for himself. A man of his word, he did exactly that. Several years of UK Real Estate experience at a Top London Agency, empowered Wezley to established himself as one of the most recognized and accredited agents, Palm Jumeriah had ever seen. A proven sales track record and numerous Awards catapulted Wezley to a management position where he had the opportunity to successfully lead his own sales team and cover major areas of Dubai. An experience that set the tone for leadership positions in the future. His ‘hands on’ approach, his constant guidance and his trust in his team gained him admirable respect among his colleagues. With his goals achieved in time – Wezley took the next step. He and Scott, created a brand of International Real Estate unlike any other. They created Clarke & Scott.

Scott Mitchell

This is just the start for us, as true success has no end.

A man with big plans to capitalize his wealth of knowledge and passion for property, and share it with the world through his own brand of international Real Estate. Scott first came to Dubai, carrying with him a suitcase full of over 10 years of knowledge and experience from the UK Real Estate Markets. He started as a successful Sales Agent in a top agency, covering the most prestigious areas of Dubai, where he was soon awarded with highly respected industry Awards, such as Best Sales New Comer, and Sales Person of the Year. Inspired by his success and track record in Sales, he took on a challenge of managing his own Sales team. A sales team that he led to victory, and was awarded Best of All Time Revenue Generating Department. Noticed and encouraged, inspired and more determined than ever, Scott took the role of Sales Director for the Middle East in his experience at the leading agency. Scott’s motto in life; ‘always wanting more.’ He, together with Wezley invested their experiences, expertise and proven Sales track records and co- founded Clarke & Scott Real Estate.