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- Clarke & Scott
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Rest assured, Clarke & Scott only work with accredited maintenance providers and contractors who have a proven track record in the industry. We work with only the most reputable and competitive companies ensuring your property is always maintained to the highest standards and is treated no less than as if it were our own. Our outstanding relationships with these providers allow us access to exclusive rates unmatched in the common market of Dubai.



We understand that as an owner, when you hire a property manager you want to be able to step back, relax and trust with confidence that your property is in safe care. Many properties in Dubai are unfortunately left to deteriorate by tenants who do not pay for the upkeep of the property, posing a problem when the time comes to re-lease or sell your property. We believe in completeness and transparency, so we now offer an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) within our ultimate package, made possible through our exclusive partners.

DKOR ONE is a British owned company, offering International standard of work at the lowest local rates. Highly accredited and reputable in the market, offering the highest level of expertise, as well as 24/7 assistance and callouts for those unforeseen emergencies. Ensuring that your property retains its maximum value, along with preventive methods to avoid major issues that could arise from your AC, electrics and plumbing throughout the year. This is often the main cause for tenant dissatisfaction and more importantly, can be very costly to fix or replace.


For more information on protecting your home with an Annual Maintenance Contract, book your FREE site visit HERE