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BUYING GUIDE - Clarke & Scott
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Speak to our Area Sales Specialist

1 Whether you choose to enquire through telephone, email or one of our many web portals, your enquiry will be answered quickly and efficiently, along with a warm welcome from Clarke & Scott to start you on your Buying journey with us. Our highly trained Area Sales Specialists will carefully listen to your every need and requirement’s.

Select your property

2 After listening to your requirements your Area Sales Specialist will match your needs with our vast stock of properties for sale. You will then promptly receive a email of your suitable property matches, including floor plans, photos and a 360 degree tours. Sit back, make a coffee and select your favorite choices. While you choose at your own leisure your Area Sales Specialist will continue to search the market for even more potential properties for you.

Your Finances covered

3 Whether you are buying with Cash or Finance, it is important that the funds are in place prior to viewing suitable properties. The Dubai market works extremely fast and without your confirmed funds ready you could miss out on that ideal property. For our finance customers we offer a full Mortgage service, dealing with all the major Banks of Dubai to ensure you receive not only the best rate, but the right plan to suit you. Click here to book your appointment today.

View your property

4 Your area Sales specialist will then call you to arrange a suitable time to View your chosen properties, they will accompany you on each viewing, and offer further knowledge on the area and development. Whether its nearest Schools, Hospitals or local golf courses, your specialist will be happy to give you advice.

Time to make an offer

5 Once we have found your perfect property, you will need to make an Offer. Your highly trained Area Sales Specialist will negotiate the best price for you to secure your new home. At this stage you will need to provide a 10% deposit cheque to show the Seller your commitment to your offer. This cheque will remain securely with Clarke & Scott and will not be cashed at this stage.

Your offer has been accepted

6 Congratulations, your Offer has been accepted! However we still have some work to do to secure your new property. You will be presented with a sales contract known as Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) or RERA Form F. After your review you will be required to sign as the purchaser. Your Area Specialist will then complete the same process with your Seller and the transaction is legally sealed.

Your Conveyancing Service

7 At this point your file will be transferred to our partner company Compton Conveyancing Services, who will carry out the remaining stages of the transaction. They will take you step by step through the legal process, ensuring a smooth transaction and preventing you from any risk.

No Objection Certificate

8 It is a standard procedure in Dubai that anyone wishing to Buy or sell a property will need permission from the developer. This confirmation document is known as a No Objection Certificate (NOC). Your Compton Conveyancing Officer will arrange a suitable time to accompany you to the relevant developers offices to complete this process.

The Day of Transfer

9 Prior to the day of transfer, your Compton Conveyancing Officer will provide you with a full statement of accounts to ensure that all fees and relevant charges have been paid. Upon all parties agreement they will then arrange a suitable date to accompany you to the Dubai Land Department to complete the final transfer of your new property.

Here’s your keys!

10 Congratulations on the purchase of your new property with Clarke & Scott. Your Area Sales Specialist will call you to personally congratulate you on a successful purchase. Remember our services don’t just stop there; we are always ready to help with the sale or rental of your new home.