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CAREERS - Clarke & Scott
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Welcome to a real estate environment without boundaries, creating a dynamic atmosphere of energy, excitement, career development and growth.

Our team is always in search of talented individuals looking to take their career to the next level in luxury real estate within our Dubai Offices.

Bold with growth,yet courteous with customer experience, with the belief that we are what we repeatedly do, we establish our brand on global knowledge, local influence, and the common British courtesy which is uncommon in the Dubai Real Estate Market.

We also believe that the real estate business is real, real people, real places, real relationships and real money. We know the character of our company is defined by the characters in our company. We love diversity. We encourage uniqueness. We are not just any real estate company in the market. We stand out!

Focusing time on our people through our innovative “Make it Happen” training program, allows our agents to grow into future market industry leaders.

We are a brokerage that builds careers, trust and strongly respected presence across the Real Estate Markets of the UAE. Exciting short-term
targets mixed with long-term goal incentives — we keep you on your toes.
We want you! The closers! The doers! The fighters!

“A job at Clarke & Scott is unlike any other.
You’ll be challenged. You’ll be inspired.
And you’ll be proud. Because whatever
you do, you’ll be part of something big.”


We know what it takes to be a winner! Unlike others, we don’t rely on textbooks.
Our induction training is focused on real-life experience, and this has led us to success over the last ten years! Tips, tricks and trade secrets to ensure all our new agents hit the sales floor with a bang! Our experience becomes your knowledge!

Success has no end! Our “Make it Happen” program continues throughout your daily life at
Clarke & Scott, ensuring that each of our agents continue to grow!


Due to the continued success of Clarke & Scott, we are currently expanding our Team.

Current Positions Available

  • Residential Leasing Consultant
  • Senior Residential Leasing Consultant
  • Residential Sales Consultant
  • Senior Residential Sales Consultant
  • Off Plan Sales Specialist
  • Senior Off Plan Sales Specialist

If you think that you have what it takes to be part of our Award Winning team, then please apply through clicking on the link below or by contacting HR directly on +971 (0) 4 279 9100

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