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OUR NEWS - Clarke & Scott
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Clarke & Scott Real Estate recently announced their exciting new collaboration with Property Monitor, a data and intelligence system powered by Cavendish Maxwell, aimed at increasing transparency in the UAE real estate market and designed to offer customized, integrated solutions to the real estate agency. The new platform will allow their brokers to search residential sales, leasing transactions, off-plan sales and valuation data across all major areas of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The innovative system is set to be a game changer in a highly competitive real estate market, by helping to revolutionize the way in which the agency is able to access essential market data, therefore allowing them to provide more reputable, accurate and up-to-date information to both buyers and sellers.

Clarke & Scott agents will not only be able to see general market information, but will also have real-time visibility into market activity anytime, from anywhere. They will also be able to view a detailed analysis of sales, rents and yields in the UAE, allowing them to better understand where the market is moving. Other features include an advanced view of lending and investment risk, which incorporates not only pricing information, but also qualitative factors that affect pricing stability, generates an overall risk ranking for specific developments. The comprehensive database will also include exclusive information of past, present, under-construction and future UAE projects, project statistics, floorplans, payment plans and area information.

Furthermore, with the platform being updated every 24 hours, Clarke & Scott will be able to provide homeowners with a full and comprehensive buyers report, which will include an exceptionally detailed and accurate valuation of their property and key area information.

The off-plan investment guide will also greatly benefit investors, with off-plan agents being able to track supply by year and see how many projects and units are estimated to be completed. With prices and market trends included, this will allow  brokers to see where there is great potential for investment, enabling them to help investors make smarter, knowledgeable and more informed choices.

For more information, contact Clarke & Scott today!

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* Clarke & Scott were recently Awarded “Best Real Estate Brokerage Dubai 2017” in the Mea Business Awards*